Saturday, April 23, 2011


I've been accused of being selfish, crazy, and self-centered. So, I guess its time to really do so. It is time to take every single person in my life and evaluate what positive influence they have towards me. If they do not offer that to me then i will place you in my array of circles that surround my life. Boundaries if you will.  My boundaries start close to me and reach out far. I will place you in the appropriate boundary and restart this life of mine. I cannot allow any more crap. If you do not add to my life or do not want to take the effort to be a part of it then i suggest you find someone else you can give half-ass to. Yes this sounds very self-centered and selfish but i am tired of trying to figure it all out. Boundaries up they go and very few will be let in to the center circle. Oh and one last self-centered thing....i don't give a shit what you think. If you think you are perfect and don't have much to work on then you are fooling yourself. Oh wait another thing....its more than a day of change...its lifetime. Its my life and would rather have very few close to me then many people who are crap. Welcome to the closed off protected Tonya!

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