Thursday, May 19, 2011


You know you cannot change someone even if you wanted to.  We are all made so differently. We all have positives and negatives to us. NO ONE IS EVEN CLOSE TO PERFECTION!  We try our hardest to get someone to see from our opinion or change them to what you know and are. We all need to learn to accept and understand that no matter how hard we try, people will only change if they wish and if its their idea to do so. Theirs nothing wrong with setting a standard in which to live by but understand its not others standard. ITS YOUR OWN! I do believe that if we can realize that we are not perfect or right all the time or that what we think is the best choice and open our minds to someone else i really do believe that that teaches you to grow. Not only in love relationships like boyfriends, girlfriends, marriage partners.....I'm talking about all people. You all add to my life and i add to yours. Whether not you accept that or not its reality. I'm all for saying...if you don't like me for who i am than go away, but remember this...are you "go away" material. As Ice Cube would say...."Check yourself before you wreck yourself".

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